Blood Rock 25K Trail Race

The Blood Rock 25K Course Map and Elevation Profile

The Course Details:
    Length: 15.61 Miles
    Elevation Gain: 3,205 ft
    Elevation Change: 6,410 ft
    Start: Fishing Ctr Pavilion - 7:30 AM
    Cutoff: 15 Hours - 10:30 PM
    Sunrise: 6:23 AM
    Sunset: 4:42 PM
       Marina AS & North Trailhead
2017 Blood Rock 100
      Elevation Gain: 18,640 ft
For the past three years the Southeastern Trail Series ended with the Tranquility Lake 50K and 25K Trail Races. New for 2016, The Blood Rock 25K replaces the Tranquility Lake 25K Trail Race. This is a totally different race from the previous years races. The course will be significantly more difficult with much steeper climbs on very demanding terrain. It will also be an incredibly exciting race to run. Runners will have a chance to see sections of Double Oak mountain very few people have ever seen. Runners will traverse along ridges on backcountry trails that time has almost forgotten. They will descend down the back side of The Mountain on an old wagon road time HAS forgotten. In places you can still see the two ruts cut by the wagons. Near the bottom you will even find the remains of a wagon wheel that has rotted away leaving only the metal rim and bearing case.

The 25K will start at 7:30 AM and follow the same course as the Blood Rock 50 K and 50 Mile for the first 13.10 Miles to the 1st Aid Station at the North Trailhead and on to the BMX Track. Runners will leave the North Trailhead following the White Trail to the Yellow Trail and back to Tranquility Road past the cabins to the BMX Track.This is where 25K Runners will separate from 50K and 50 mile runners. The 25K runners will go left down the road and reenter the Yellow Trail just before reaching the pavilion directly in front of you, Redbud Pavilion. Enter the Yellow Trail to your left and follow Yellow around Tranquility Lake to the North Trail Head Aid Station. Crossing Findley Dr, (Watch for Cars) cross the parking lot and take the trail back to the Campground. Follow flagging along the campground road then cross over to the northwest shore staying along the lake to the finish.  All races will use this same trail to reach the finish.
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