Southeastern Trail Runs Chip Timing

Starting with the 2016 Ridge to Blazing Ridge Trail Race, Southeastern Trial Runs will be Chip Timing all races. 

Chip timing is never 100% but to be sure your time is recorded please follow these simple guidelines. 
1)  When you pick up your bib and timing chips, be sure the information displayed is correct. (Specifically, name and age)
2)  Make sure the number written on the Chip Timing Tag matches your BIB number.
3)  Attach your bib # to the front of your shirt or the leg of you shorts so the number is clearly viable from the front.
4)  Attach your 2 chip tags to each side of your shorts, just below your hip bone but not touching you leg.
        It is critical that your shirt does not cover the tag. Do not attach your timing chips to your bib or your shirt.
5)  If you prefer, you may attach your timing chips to a Bib Belt. That is a belt to which you attach your Bib. However, the belt MUST be worn on the         outside of you shirt and the chip tabs must be worn directly over each hip bone.
6)  You will receive 2 (TWO) Timing chips. Attach one the LEFT side of your shorts and the other to the RIGHT side of  your shorts. (Did I mention           that already) PLEASE remove the timing chips at the end of the race and place them in the bucket before leaving the finishing chute.  
This is how to wear the timing chip to be sure your time is recorded. The antennas will be located on both sides of the finish line. The highest "read-rates" are when the chip is directly facing the antennas. Attach the chips to your shorts as in the pictures above, directly below the "greater trochanter." That is, the top of the Femur, more commonly knows at the "Hip Bone!" Just be sure the timing chip is below your shirt and not in direct contact with you leg.
This is how the RFID tags look. The number on the tag should match your BIB number