Set up an Endless Mile Relay Team

The 48 Hour Relay - Your team will run all day & all night Friday, all Day & all night Saturday and finish Sunday morning.
Yes, That's pretty amazing when you think about it. Actually, it's pretty hard to comprehend. The race will start at 9:00 AM Friday and end at 9:00 AM Sunday. Teams come together and battle all day and all night for two consecutive days, pushing themselves to their absolute limits, on very little sleep, with friends and teammates cheering them on every step of the way. The relay experience can be as competitive as you make it. Push your team to the max battling the other teams in your division for the top ranking, or simply make it your goal to cross the finish line together at the end! That's right, we want your team will run the final lap together. A relay is about coming together and accomplishing something no individual member could ever do alone. 

The 24 Hour Relay - a rare opportunity to race through the night.
The teams running the 24 hour race, like the 48 hour teams, will pushing themselves to their limit, with little or no sleep Saturday night. Friends and teammates will cheer each other all the way to the finish. Your team may choose to fight from beginning to end with the goal of winning your division. Or, they may simply enjoy the amazing experience of working as a team to finishing together! You and your team will accomplish something no individual team member could ever do alone and that none of you will ever forget. From the elite runners to the person that enjoys a brisk walk in beautiful surroundings, this is the perfect event for everyone.

The 12 Hour Relay:
Like the other two relays, the 12 hour is a great opportunity for you and your team to work together to accomplish what would surely be considered an unimaginable feat by the vast majority of the population. Each member of your team can test his or her limits while battling for the top spot from 9:00 in the morning until 9:00 at night. Or, your team's goal may simply be to enjoy the comradery of friend and fellow runners while doing a really cool event. Whichever is your goal, you will be amazed what your team can can accomplish and cherish them memories forever.

Need a Team Member or want to run on an Endless Mile Team but don't have a team? Follow this link and sigh up. We will help you find runners of similar speed or age for existing teams or you can set up new team and we'll help find runners.

How the Relay will work:
The 48 Hour relay starts Friday at 9:00 AM. The 12 & 24 hour relays will start at 9:00 AM Saturday morning. You will need to setup the running schedule for each member of your team. There are no requirements on how much any one member runs or how many laps they complete. A four member team in the 24 can run 6 hours straight per member or they can alternate ever hour or every mile for that matter. It's totally up to you. If you have a combination of strong runners and "weekend warriors" you might want to have the faster runners do more laps. That's your call. We just record each team’s 1.004 mile lap every time they come through the start/finish. The only real requirement is that only one runner can be on the course at a time. No pacers. The final lap is the exception. We want as many of your team members as possible to be there at finish and run the last lap of the race together. 

I would recommend that every team member try to be at the race the entire duration of the event to support the team and the runners. The experience will be something no team member will ever forget. Every single lap your team will cheer, push, yell, encourage, repair blisters, motivate, whatever it takes to keep everyone motivated and moving. You will be a part the awesome highs and the depths of depression and frustration that every team member is likely to experience. You will help them recover and get back out on the course. These will be the amazing experiences you will never forget. 

Race Prep: 
Once you have established your team and come up with a "really good" name, we will keep you posted on the details as the race gets closer. Meet with your team and work out a running schedule for each member. Decide what you will need to have at your personal aid station and how you will set up. There is no power available so you will need a generator if you need electricity. We can only allow small, quiet generators. I highly recommend using only battery powered items and if you plan on doing some cooking, a portable propane stove. We will have a pretty nice assortment of ultrarunning snacks as well as Tailwind at the official aid station but you will want to have a support station for your team. Set up a pop-up tent and chairs, bring a cowbell and for the 24 and 48 hour teams, some Christmas lights make the station look festive, and don’t forget the coffee.  

You will probably want folding chairs, maybe a table or two and some carpeting is nice. Check out the pictures below of some personal aid stations you will frequently find at timed events. Remember while planning, it will be dark before the end of the 12 hour so have LED headlamps and flashlights. All 24 hour runners must have a light while running. There are many very good and inexpensive options now, such as Black Diamond, Fenix, and others. Make your support station as bright and cheerful as possible.

Set up Your Relay Team for the Endless Mile 12 Hour, 24 Hour, or 48 Hour Relay. 
It's simple. Find a few friends that would like to hang out and cheer each other on for an extended period of time. Register your team on for the Endless Mile Relay and you'r all set. Each team member will sign up individually. The 12 hour teams can have as few as 2 members or as many as 12. The 24 and 48 hour teams must have a minimum of 4 members but can have up to 16 team runners. Join us for one amazing weekend experience.

This image is not from the Endless Mile. It's just a picture of runners at night to give relay members an idea of how cool it is to run through the nigh. It's an amazing experience to watch the sun set while running, and still be running when it comes up the next morning. Find out for yourself at the Endless Mile 

October 21st - 23rd
Most of us know about those relay races, like Ragnars,  that have become so popular in the Western US. Finishing one of those events, covering as much as 200 miles over two days and a night is quite an accomplishment, but the real allure of these races is not the distance covered it's the experience. A team of 6 to 15 or more runners all working together, night and day, encouraging each other, pushing each other, struggling together and succeeding together as a team, that's the unforgettable experience of these relays. You accomplish what no individual team member could ever do alone. That's what makes the relays such an incredible experience.  Many of us would love to try one, but if you are like me, spending thousands of dollars in travel expenses, registration fees, vehicle rental fees and other expenses just isn't practical. Well, the Endless Mile Relay is a chance to find out what it's all about  for less than the entry fee of a marathon. And the best part, the race takes place right here in the B'ham area.
Registration Information: Set up the team with 4 members on

  12 Hour Relay Team Registration is $ 40 Per Team Member - (Minimum Team Members - 2) 
  24 Hour Relay Team Registration is $ 55 Per Team Member - (Minimum Team Members - 4) 
​  48 Hour Relay Team Registration is $ 70 Per Team Member - (Minimum Team Members - 4)