Southeastern Trail Runs

Southeastern Trail Runs Race Schedule
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Our goals at Southeastern Trail Runs:
1) Provide Outstanding Trail Races for local trail runners, runners from around the Southeast and across the US.
2) Introduce "road runners" to trail running. Once the “roadies” try the trails they will understand why we love the trails.
3) Support the local trail running community in every way possible with our time and resources. 
4) Give back to the Parks and Community. Southeastern Trail Runs donates time and money to several charities including providing three 100% charity races. We also donate hundreds of hours each year to maintaining and improving trails at parks around the Birmingham area. We believe the more time people spend in the woods whether hiking or running the more they appreciate the beauty of our parks and the harder they will work to protect and preserve our natural spaces. We are so lucky to have so many miles of beautiful trails right here in the Birmingham area.
Please support our local parks with your donations and you time.
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Podcast Interview with David Tosch, RD of Southeastern Trial Runs by Marathon Runs