Birmingham Stage Race

Birmingham Mountain Stage Race - Stage 1 - Ruffner Mountain Park Sept. 23

Stage 1 - Ruffner Mountain Park - 15.5 miles
Stage 1 starts at the Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve at 8:00 AM, Friday, September 23. The park is located at 1214 81st Street South
Birmingham, AL 35206. The race will start in the parking lot at the Nature Preserve. Here is a map from Mountain High Outfitters store on Hwy 280 at Cahaba Village to the Stage 1 Start: Ruffner Nature Center.

The race will be two laps of the 7.8 mile course. There will be a full aid station located at the Start/Finish at the Nature Center and a Water Only aid station located about mile 4.

The first stage of the Birmingham Mountain Sage Race is Tough. Although Ruffner Mountain stands only 400 feet above the surrounding terrain, many trails are very demanding and extremely technical. And, some trails at Ruffner are very fast and flat. All in all, the first stage will surprise you with its difficult. The mountain is in an interesting place to run with outstanding views of Birmingham and a chance to see some of Birmingham's mining history. 

A Little Birmingham History: Red Mountain and Ruffner Mountain were critical to the steel industry in Birmingham. Iron ore mines on Red Mountain were opened in the 1860's and continued in operation for almost 100 years. Mining on Ruffner began in the 1880's and continued until the mid-1950s. With iron ore, coal and limestone all available in the immediate area, Birmingham soon became one of the primary producers of Iron and Steel in the US. The trails you will be running on at Red Mountain pass close by several of the old mine portals and some trials are the old railroad beds used to transport ore from the mines. You will also pass by one open shaft leading down to the tunnels below. (You will know when you are near because you will feel the cool air drifting down the mountain.) Red Mountain Park is a private park operated through a coalition of groups and organizations. Please stay on the trails at all times during the race. Take care of the parks so we will be welcomed back again next year. 
Stage 1 - Ruffner Mountain Park
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Course Map of the Ruffner Mountain Stage 1
15.5 Miles - 4,186 of Elevation Gain
       0           1             2            3             4            5             6            7             8             9           10           11            12            13            14            15 
Elevation Gain - 4,186 ft