Pacers and Pace Chart for 50 & 100

Pacers are allowed for all runners in the 100 mile race after mile 50. Pacers must start from and end pacing duties at the Cabin Aid Station or Heaven Hill Aid Station. Pacers must check-in at the Aid Station before they start pacing. Pacers must also check-in and out at aid stations while on the course. You must also notify the aid station crew when you stop pacing. Pacers may run in front of their runner and actually "pace" them. Muleing is not allowed. That is, pacers may NOT carry any supplies for the runner.

Race Rules and Pacer Rules:
Failure to follow the rules by Runners, Pacers or Crew Members is grounds for disqualification from the race.
​1. No Trash! The Russell family is kind enough to provide this amazing trail system and allow us to hold our race on their land.
  Please throw nothing down on the ground. There will be trash containers at all aid stations. Use them.
2. Pets must be on leashes at all times while on the Russell Lands and Trail System. (Paces - No Pets on Trails while pacing)
3. Runners and Pacers must stay on trails at all times. Do not cut any corners unless following blue flags.
4. Be nice to Aid Station workers and volunteers. They are putting in very long hours to be there to help you finish.
5. You will encounter hikers and possibly horses on the trails. Please be courteous to everyone.
6. Above all, Pacers are to encourage and sometimes PUSH their runner. Keep them fired up and smiling. I don't ever remember seeing a "smiling" runner quit. 
7. Encourage and cheer on other runners. Be aware of runners having having problems. Notify aid station personnel if needed.
8. It's a good idea to carry a cell phone with you while pacing. There is good reception at Lake Martin and it might prove to be important

Below is the pace chart of the 2017 Lake Martin 100 and 50 mile races. The hard cutoffs are for aid station and official finish only. We do not pull anyone off the course. You are welcome to continue running until you finish. After the cutoffs however, the aid stations will be shut down. You will have to provide your own aid to the finish. After 32 hours we will start to dismantle the finish area. This is a requirement of Russell Lands. You MUST also be off the Russell Forest Trail System trails before dark Sunday Night. 

Any runner that completes 4 laps of the 25 mile course is considered a finisher and earns a Lake Martin 100 Buckle. The official cutoff is 32 hours, a finish over 32 hours may not count toward entry in 100 mile races that require you to finish under the official time.
2017 Lake Martin Pace Chart