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 On April 25, 2015, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal killing over 8,800 people and injuring another 21,000. Over 800,000 homes were destroyed leaving more than 3.5 million people homeless. Many towns and villages throughout the country were totally wiped out. Five thousand schools were destroyed and more than 16,000 more were severely damaged; over half the total number of schools in Nepal. Since that horrible day, the earthquakes and aftershocks have not stopped. While some progress has been made, the rebuilding efforts in many areas have been slow due to the lack of funds and materials. 

  One of our runners and good friends, Suman Silwal, is a native of Kathmandu, Nepal where his family still resides. Suman has spearheaded fundraising efforts for Nepal to raise money to help rebuild schools and orphanages in the most damaged areas. He is coordinating his efforts with local businessman, Kent Stewart, who was attempting to climb Mount Everest and was at Everest Base Camp when the earthquake hit. The earthquake triggered a massive avalanche that completely destroyed most of Base Camp killing 22 climbers, guides and staff members. Kent has also been working to raise funds for the rebuilding of the remote villages in the Everest Region of Nepal, most recently through a Hike For Nepal which was held at Oak Mountain State Park. That event and other efforts helped raise over $90,000 so far. 

  Suman just returned from Kathmandu where he personally delivered clothes and supplies to schoolchildren including donated Southeastern Trail Run race shirts. He also raised funds to help rebuild the kitchen in an orphanage housing 35 children. Here is a link to pictures Suman posted on Marathon Runs Facebook Page. Here is a link to pictures from April 25, 2015 and April 25, 2016 showing that progress is being made but there is a long way to go. 

  How can you help? We ask that everyone running the Endless Mile either make a donation or ask friends to sponsor you by pledging a certain amount per mile for every mile you run. This is not a requirement of course, but we hope that you will join our effort to help. Southeastern Trail Runs will also be making a pledge based on the total miles run during the Endless Mile. In addition, all of the proceeds of the 2017 Run For Kids will go to help the Nepal rebuilding effort. All donations are tax deductible through the Seven Summits Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. 
 Here is a link to the foundation’s website.  

The Seven Summits Foundation is unique in that it has zero administrative expenses therefore every dollar raised goes to help the people in need. 

  Thank you for considering our request to help with this urgent situation. Please be on the lookout for more details on our website. 
One year after the earthquake in Kathmandu
Photo from "The Atlantic" by Navesh Chitrakar / Reuters
The Endless Mile and Run for Kids Challenge is a for Run for Nepal events.
MarathonRuns/ founder Suman Silwal, a Kathmandu, Nepal native, distributing Southeastern Trail Runs shirts and other items donated locally to School Children in Kavri, Nepal.